Thursday, July 26, 2007

Update on the Fly

Ok, so, I'm not so good at keeping things up-to-date. A lot of stuff has happened since April.

First, Bobbi took second in her class twice at the Dog Show in May. We have two pretty red ribbons to show for it all. Her next show will be in September at the Davis County Fairgrounds. We have great expectations for this next show. She's much more confident than she used to be. It's been a huge turn-around from how scared she was when she came to us. We're proud of her!

We have had lots of friends get married in the last few months. One of my best friends, April, married Steve on May 5th. Krys' friend Randy tied the knot on May 8th. Krys' best friend Matt married Michelle on June 28th. And my friend Leon married Jennifer on July 13th.

I was in a car wreck on June 5th. (I was rear-ended on the highway on my way to work.) We just got the car back from the repair shop. (YAY!) I'm doing well. We have a great chiropractor and I have a fantastic physical therapist.

Krys was in a car wreck on June 13th. (Another driver failed to yield at an intersection and Krys hit them. We have great luck.) Krys has had some residual whiplash, but is recovering very well.

Hopefully I'll be able to add again soon!