Sunday, June 14, 2009

How we ended up nursing at the Zoo

I don't often share publicly breatfeeding stories. Although I am strongly in favor of nursing, I try not to be as loudly outspoken as I would like to be because I know there are many people in my family who are made uncomfortable by even the mention of nursing.

Despite this, I would like to share one of the many moments that has made me grateful that Matty and I have been able to establish a successful nursing relationship.

A weekend or so ago, we went to Hogle Zoo with Krys' sister, her husband, their two children, and Krys' sister-in-law. It was a lovely outing and we all had a great time. (Well, except for maybe Kaedin who is too little to get anything out of a trip to the Zoo.) We saw the elephants, the zebras, penguins, and the monkeys.

Matt had just been really getting the hang of walking and was still working on how to fall down without hurting himself. This is particularly difficult when you're below everyone else's line of sight. So when Krys' sister-in-law accidentally bumped into Matty, it sent him sprawling.

Matty got a pretty good bump on his little noggin and he started crying inconsolably. A cuddle from his auntie, daddy, or mommy just weren't enough. But, as soon as I pulled him into my lap and offered him a nurse all was well again. He held my arm tight and after just a few moments was calm and his crying had receded into sniffles.

Thank goodness for short memories, fast healing, and a nursey.