Sunday, February 06, 2011

I'm doing WHAT?

I'm starting a running program with my awesome ward girlfriends this week. Seriously.

I am SO excited to get this body into better shape! I have some concerns that I'm doing my best to quiet, though.

One of the biggest worries got resolved today. What to do with Matt? Tomorrow, I'm going to Clearfield to buy a jogging stroller. A real one. We have a bike trailer that's really awesome and has a front tire that you can use, but the problem is that it doesn't swivel. At all. So it's really difficult to walk/jog/run with since you can't turn with it. I tried to find a conversion kit for it, but had no luck finding one. So now if I want to do my daily running (OMG, I'm going to be doing running! DAILY!) and I need to take Matt with me, I can put him in the stroller.

One of my other concerns is the time. I know that I just need to make it a priority and do it. I think once I just get going on it, it'll just become second nature. What I want to do is start coming home from school to change and then get right out there for my run. That is, unless I can talk Krys into running with me. I have serious doubts over whether or not I can, but I'd LOVE to have him in this with me.

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Stephen Wraith said...

You go get em' Julianne!