Sunday, February 20, 2011

This past week was long.

No posts for last week, sorry. Krys and I have been sick. Epic colds. Day- and Ny-quil have helped incrementally, but not enough to really make a huge difference. We've been on antibiotics since Wednesday, but that's not doing the trick either.

So with all the blech and the blerg floating around our house, it's not wonder that things have been...... cranky. VERY cranky.

On Saturday I had some cooking projects I really needed to get done, so I sent Krys and Matt out to get Jamba Juice Coldbusters (aka the Best Thing Ever for a Sore Throat). When they came back, I was about halfway done and really needed to just finish and move one. Poor Matt wanted to help, but only had hot stuff to deal with and nothing toddler-friendly for him to do, so I kept trying to redirect him out of the kitchen. Total FAIL. Epic MeltDown. My kid doesn't usually throw screaming tantrums, but he did. And it was awful.

At this point I had cookies burning in the oven, a hot pan of bacon that needed turning, and a screaming child. Krys was called in for reinforcements.

It was at this point that Krys had a brilliant idea. The bacon I had been cooking didn't have a particular purpose other than I really needed it cooked because it had been in the fridge for a few days and needed to be used. I was thinking of making BLTs or something. Krys made the following recipe. It may not be the most original recipe ever, but man was it the perfect thing for that moment.

Daddy's Grumpies-Be-Gone Loaded Smashed Potatoes

3 serving of instant mashed potatoes cooked according to directions
3-4 slices of cooked thick cut bacon
1 cup of sour cream
1 tbs Italian seasoning
1 handful of Parmesan cheese
1 handful of mozzarella cheese

Combine ingredients. Serve warm. Feel better.

We're still sick, but I'm optimistic for this week.

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